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    Hot Tub Removal Guys service the Denver Metro and surrounding areas for any hot tub, jacuzzi and spa disposal needs. We’re knowledgeable in all makes and models and can get your old tub out of your yard quickly and without a mess. Our company has years of experience servicing and removing hot tubs in around the Denver area, so we’ll be there when you need us. With round the clock customer service and even same day service in some cases, we pride ourselves on our availability and efficiency. We were founded on the principles of honest business, so you don’t have to worry about our professionalism, it’s guaranteed! We’re always on time and we always get our work done right, just ask any of our repeat customers or rave reviewers!


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    When our founder had the nastiest hot tub you could imagine. It didn't work. It smelled and he could not find a company to remove it.


    From that day forward, we have been on a mission to only partnering with highly rated, dependable Hot Tub Removal Specialists. We want to make sure your hot tub removal service is done right and for a reasonable price.




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    When you need to a reliable hot tub removal service for your home or business, hottubremoval.com can help you save time and find the lowest rates.


    We also help you sift through the potential extra charges for heavier items. Most people delay in getting their hot tub removed after its expiration date. A professional hot tub removal team with just one truck can typically haul off your broken or disregarded hot tub.

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